Hotel Adriana

Dal 1958

"Here was a lawn, or rather a garden", with these words Adriana always began to tell the beginning of her adventure as an hotelier, together with her husband, Berto, enthusiast chef; they are the two progenitors of this beautiful story. Many sacrifices were made to buy that piece of land where, on 18th May 1958, after 5 months and 17 days of intense work, they established their Hotel. Stefano, born from their marriage, developed interest in cooking over the years and at the end, took the path that his father had already indicated. Today, excellent cook and passionate sommelier, he provides guests with a remarkable and varied range of labels in the well-stocked wine cellar. During his journey he met and married Daniela who, in a patient and delicate way, supports him in running the business, bringing freshness and innovation. Elia and Carlotta were born from their marriage: with their desire for improvement, they always suggest new ideas to satisfy the Guests needs, providing professionalism and hospitality in a family atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

Famiglia Canepa


I nostri Standard

1. Family welcome

The family management assumes a strong meaning, a typical characteristic we are really proud of, which makes the stay at Hotel Adriana Logis ideal for all families or simply for those who want a holiday surrounded by a unique atmosphere: the warmth of a reception really focused on the stay and well-being of our customers.

2. Attention to details

Hospitality is not just about offering quality services to our customers. Hospitality takes on a deeper meaning, it is based on the concept of unique and real hospitality, made possible by a series of kindness that we address daily to our guests. The care for every detail is at the base of our working method, this aspect is favored by the non-dispersive atmosphere of our structure and management.

3. High quality raw materials

Flavors and aromas of Ligurian cuisine but also inspired by the best regional tradition, with a great passion in proposing seasonal products and serving them with professionalism and attention to detail. Always present at lunch and dinner a buffet of fresh and seasonal salads accompanied by grilled vegetables.

4. High cleanliness

The cleanliness of the Hotel is carried out professionally by our staff, which guarantees a welcoming image of our "Home" and is one of the most important pillars.